Mindfulness Retreat in Surrey

You are welcome to mindfulness retreat on 3rd Saturday of each month. It is gentle, peaceful and friendly mindfulness practicing event in the community. Bring your lunch for mindful eating practice. Email to mindfulnessfriends at gmail dot com if you are coming to the retreat. There is no fee for registration and participating the retreat.

  • When: 3rd Satuday of each month, 9:30 AM
  • Location: Hahn Seok Buddhist Foundation (14069 104th Avenue, Surrey – Map and direction) or SFU or Green Timbers Urban Forest
  • Fee: Free.
  • Registration required: email to register [mindfulnessfriends at gmail.com]. (The location and schedule of the retreat are subject to change. When you register for this event, you will be notified of any change should it occurs.)

9:30 – Sitting and walking
noon – Mindful eating (lunch)
1:00 – Mindful Qigong
1:30 – A talk or Discussion (mindful speaking and listening)
2:00 – End


  • Bring your lunch for mindful eating practice.
  • Please observe silence during the retreat except the discussion session.
  • Sitting period is usually 20 minutes and followed by 10 minutes walk. (For those who wish to sit a longer period, it is OK to sit for an hour or two hour at a time instead of 20 minutes. It is also OK to lie down or stand for meditation instead of sitting)
  • This is a silent meditation retreat and does not provide practice instructions. If you wish to learn mindfulness or practice skills, please attend other mindfulness practice events (or classes) before attending this retreat.
  • Cushions and chairs are available in the venue.
  • Some participants may be very sensitive to scents and fragrances. Please refrain from using scented products at the retreat.

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